Sin City Shootout


Sin City Shootout Sin City Shootout Sin City Shootout


Sin City Shootout


Registering at the tournament desk is required prior to the start of a participant's first match.

The Registration Event is Friday night in the Tropicana Las Vegas ballroom from 4-9pm with all 8,500 athletes!


Scoring System:

1st and 2nd Set: 21 points SUDDEN DEATH

3rd Set: 15 points with 2-point advantage


Interval and Change of Ends:

When the leading score reaches 11 points, players have the option to take a 60-second interval. A 2-minute interval between each game is allowed. In the third game, a player's change ends when the leading score reaches 11 points.



Consolation will be played for all events with elimination draws. Players losing their first round match (or second round match if the first round was a bye) will be placed into the consolation draw. There is no consolation for round robin draws.


Draws will be published on Results and match times will be updated periodically throughout the event.


Due to the increased number of interested players, increased number of games but limited number of courts, we will start promptly and will strictly implement/enforce and apply Default rules.

There is free, unlimited parking for all players and guests. Spectators are welcome with free admission. There will be raffle draws with good prizes up for grab. Optional to bring extra cash to purchase extra raffle tickets for better chances of winning."